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Completed rear extension with new patio and landscaping. All the joinery was purpose made with details matching the original house but incorporating double glazing.

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Front of the property with new guttering to match the original, all redecorated with repairs as required. The driveway was enlarged and resurfaced.

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New treble sized double garage with accommodation over. All the roof details and general look was to match the original house.

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The existing rear elevation with the new extension appearing out of the ground.

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New period gazebo with traditional lead rolled roof.

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Rear of the new garage showing access to the accommodation over.

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We treated all the exposed timber on this fa├žade, undertook the repairs and constructed the new opening to the new extension.

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We built a single storey kitchen extension to this Grade 2 listed building together with a new double garage with accommodation above.

The garage accommodation consisted of a small studio flat complete with kitchenette and ensuite, all with details to match the existing property.

The existing house was timber construction with lathe and plaster internally and lathe and render externally. When we started cutting through to join the extension to the existing house we found a lot of the sole plate and timber ends were rotten and repairs had been undertaken previously with a cement render over the EML (Expanded Metal Lathe). We treated all the exposed timbers, undertook the repairs and made the new opening, to the Structural Engineer's and English Heritage Officer's approval.

We also enlarged and resurfaced the driveway and landscaped part of the garden, installing a period hardwood gazebo with lead rolled roof.

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