Image #1 | Rose Hill House

The front lawn was lowered to allow the window to the basement to be increased in size to allow more light in.

Image #2 | Rose Hill House

Part of the historic building showing the work in progress to the rear elevation.

Image #3 | Rose Hill House

This area of courtyard and the enclosed space behind was dug down and the entrance through the boundary wall was moved to enable disabled access to the existing basement.

Image #4 | Rose Hill House

All the stonework was replaced with stone found during the excavation works.

Image #5 | Rose Hill House

Refurbishment to the rear elevation of the house showing the lean-to to the right of the bay, which we later replaced.

Image #1 | Rose Hill House Image #2 | Rose Hill House Image #3 | Rose Hill House Image #4 | Rose Hill House Image #5 | Rose Hill House

Rose Hill House, Surrey

Rosehill House has been an ongoing project for several years. We initially re-covered the inner section of roof with new approved clay tiles and undertook timber replacement and rot repair.

We were then invited to convert the basement into a self contained annex which would combine modern living for partially disabled use with traditional building techniques such as the use of lime plaster and lime based paints combined with modern waterproofing techniques. We replaced rotten joinery with new joinery to match.

We then went on to refurbish the rear elevation of the house, replacing five of the original box sash frames with new, matching all the details exactly in our workshop. A large proportion of the brickwork was repointed with lime mortar and three gauged arches were replaced using lime putty with the bricks being purpose made to match the original.

An ornate overhanging lead line box gutter/cornice which was lost to bomb damage during World War 2 was reinstated by copying in with traditional materials to match the original on next door’s house. On completion of this work the local heritage officer submitted the project to the Surrey Historic Buildings Trust’s Restoration Awards 2005 where we were commended, together with the architect, for the quality of our work and the sympathetic manner in which it was undertaken.

Recently, we built a kitchen extension at the rear of the property replacing an existing lean to ramshackle veranda.

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